I have extensive experience with many breeds of dog having worked as an off leash hiker and day care dog handler in the bay area for several years. I have completed several courses in Dog Body Language and Group Behavior and am also qualified in Pet CPR & First Aid through PetTech. I am also a Certified Professional Dog Walker.


Having grown up on a farm back in England I have always had a way with animals. All sorts of animals. Cows, cats, ducks, chickens, pigs, horses, goats, but especially dogs. My best friend back in those early days was a Border Collie, she was a good listener!


We also had a Black Labrador and a West Highland Terrier followed by other Collies.

More recently we had a gorgeous Rottweiler called Guinness, she and our Labradoodle, Noosa, were best friends. Sadly we lost Guinness in 2013. The latest addition to our household is Django, a Rottie mix. He's cute as a button!


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