What do we offer?


Well .........




....Potty time!


What more could a dog ask for?


At Waggy Tails we like to go on not just a walk, but an adventure. One day a beach, next day a shady forest. Undoubtedly your pooch will have their favorite walks. For my own woofa - Noosa - it is the beach! Any beach! As long as there is room to run and jump in the ocean after a ball. 


Hikes consist of pick-up from your home, or work, driving to wherever we are going on a hiking adventure, a hike of at least an hour, an after-hike body check, towelling-off if required, and safe delivery home.

Fresh, cool water is available to the dogs before and after their hike. We also carry a first aid kit in case of emergency.


We do several hikes per day, you choose from am or pm or even all day if your dog is really energetic.


Pick-ups are from 8am, depending on which hike your pooch is on, last drop if is by 5pm.

I will always come and meet you and your dog prior to the first hike to find out all about your furry best friend and asses which would be the most suitable pack for him or her to join. For that reason, times of the hike cannot be guaranteed, but we always try to be flexible.


Our Waggy Tails vans are fully air-conditioned with tinted windows to keep the dogs cool and comfortable. The vans are also fully fitted with dog crates to ensure everyone's safety with each crate safely secured to the van.


Areas covered include La Honda, Woodside, Portola Valley and Menlo Park.




$40 to $50 per dog per hike, depending on pick up location.

Individual dog walks are quoted separately depending on requirements and availability.

$80 to $100 for full day per dog.

Outside of normal week day hours there is a $35 surcharge, weekends included and by prior special arrangement.


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