"My dog Rascal loves going out with Iain (and his dogs) and I know he will have tremendous fun, get good exercise and be safe.  

Iain is reliable and responsible and has extensive experience working with dogs of all types.  I have hiked with him and know that he is always aware of the dogs and how they are interacting and aware of any potential problem situations.   I trust him totally to take exceptional care of Rascal.

Also the pictures he takes of the dogs at play (and rest) are awesome!"

Donna A., La Honda



"It is really exciting on Tuesdays and Thursdays to know that our Crook (husky/akita) is headed out with Iain and his pack. Iain came to meet our dog, and assess him, and immediately Crook tried to crawl in his lap. Iain has a lovely calm nature, and is clearly connected to his pets, and the lucky dogs he hikes with. I get the real sense that these hikes are just as rewarding for Iain as the dogs. We feel so lucky to have found him, and be part of his gang. We get regular alerts about pickups, and reports about their great adventures. It is so assuring knowing that while I am busy, Crook is off with his pals, getting exercise and socializing under the supervision of such a trustworthy leader."

Rebecca C., Woodside

"Leroy recently began hiking with Iain and his "crew" and I was instantly comforted by Iain's professional and charismatic demeanor.  He is truly passionate about giving Leroy the exercise and freedom he thrives on being out with the pack.  


Iain takes special note of some of Leroy's nuances and assures he is always part of a safe and comfortable playing environment.  Its obvious Iain's priority is quality, outdoor time with the dogs during their outings.   


I love the photos and updates from Iain as well! I am thrilled Leroy has found a new pack of friends with whom he can romp." 


Melissa W

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